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Hotspur.us » Battle of Rowlesburg for Cannon Hill

Battle of Rowlesburg for Cannon Hill

It was a beautiful Fall day. The sun was out, the wind was blowing whipping through the trees and Deckers Creek was running way too high for anyone to even think about completing A True W.V.  Geocacher #2. Which meant yours truly was in charge of a back up plan.

Since I had failed to tackle Cannon Hill back in the Spring (it wasn’t my fault, Aquacache had pretty much tried to die before we made much headway) I figured this would be as good an opportunity as any to head back.  And so wvhunter, wvcoalcat, Gentleman-Carpenter, loyal sidekick Little Wooden Boy and I headed to the fine village of Rowlesburg for a nice little hike.


It turned out to be a nice little stroll to the top if you actually follow the (gated) road and don’t try to cheater it by foolishly following an ATV trail to nowhere.

The wind was pretty wicked, but we were not to be daunted. Also, we were working up a little bit of a sweat so a little bit of a breeze felt good – so long as we held on to our hats and kept all our stuff tethered.

We found the cache handily, took in the historic marker and then marched off the crest of the hill (and out of the incredible wind) to take in the view of Rowlesburg.  (For more info on the Battle for Cannon hill clickity HERE.)

From our hilltop perch Rowlesburg looked remarkably like model train town. All neatly ordered, with lawns trimmed and flags flying. It was pretty cool and a fine reward to our day’s labor.

Before heading back down we stopped for a quick group photo (before the wind tried to blow the tripod over) and then headed back down, down, down.

And now…on to the pumpkin pie blizzard.


chris on October 28th 2011 in Geocaching

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