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Broken, but Better

Just a brief update on my broken status.

Yes, I am still broken. But I am now plated and pinned together, which seems to be a good thing. I do not have a cast but rather a gauze pad with a bandage. I would like to point out that the bandage constantly slips around and needs adjusted. If I wrap it tight enough to keep it still, I can’t feel my arm. (sometimes that seems like a good thing…)

I was discharged at 6:30 a.m. Friday. You can only imagine my surprise. Especially since I was startled awake by the doctor who came to cut off the half cast. [Apparently they were dead serious about 48 hours of IV antibiotics – I started on them after surgery around 5 a.m. Wednesday.]

I spent a good bit of the time between then and now (Monday at 10 p.m.) passed out on the sofa.

Although when awake I was clearly surrounded by the things I love – Ping, my laptop and blackberry! And flowers – thanks family. They are lovely and the cats tell me they taste good too.

Physical therapy starts Wednesday. But of bigger news to me, I’m allowed to take a proper bath Tuesday provided  I try really hard to keep the wound dry.

Which brings me to this. I do not know what the owie looks like. I specifically requested each and every medical professional (as well as friend & family member) who took a gander to NOT SAY ANYTHING regarding the size, status or general grossness of the thing itself. And I am currently blissfully unaware.

For those of you who are curious, I’m including a shot of the clothes I was wearing on Tuesday when this all went down. While the mess is pretty bad, it is nothing compared to the stains on the shirt I used to wrap my arm as I drove home. Funny enough I used some Oxy Clean on the clothes hoping to at least salvage the riding pants. Let me tell you, Billy Mays does not lie – the outfit in this picture  is stain free!  The shirt used as a bandage is going to take a second treatment though. It was pretty bad and was left in the car for 5 days so the stain could bake in nice and good.

chris on June 8th 2009 in Family

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