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Chestnut Mountain Mudder

5K is only 3.8 miles. Theoretically I could run that. But I hate running. And it is boring. But wait, there’s going to be mud? And obstacles? So really it wouldn’t be just running. It would be short jogs in the mud before say, climbing a wall or going through a culvert? Well heck yes, sign me up.

And apparently Bj & Chad too. Because we are idiots.

So here we are getting our pre-race caffeine. Clean and a little looney I’d say.

And here we are after 3.8 miles on rugged terrain, going over walls, through the pond, army crawling through the mud and getting stuck in a terrific downpour. It was horrible and AWESOME! We will be back next year.

You can see more pics of the mess over at the Chestnut Mountain Ranch website.

And a short video or the long video. We are in both videos, clearly because we are awesome!


chris on September 8th 2012 in Family

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