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Christmas Fun

Christmas is fun. Especially when you cram nine people and one tiny dog in a small house. Oh yeah, did I mention there was only one bathroom? Knock first!

Christmas Eve started out with me:

A) finding out the pony hurt himself again (injured stifle)

B) driving home with a SCREAMING cat  (my Nun-Nun just went into a nursing home, her cat)

Arrive at home. Apologize to our three cats for bringing home another cat. Quick change, fly back down interstate for mass with Dad. Then from there to boozing & food with extended family in the middle of a monsoon. We had an excellent time. Tons of delicious food, homemade wine, champagne to celebrate Doctor Berry and then I dunno. It was a long night!

For the first time that I can ever remember I spent Christmas Eve night in my own home, in my own bed. Which meant that I was free to stagger out of bed, stumble down the steps in search of caffeine and further gather my wits until I became a tolerable human being without being peppered with questions by my family (Chad being smart enough not to ask me questions right off).

So Christmas was a little weird. What with none of us pushing and shoving to shred the wrapping paper and get to the good stuff. Memories of new socks being flung across the room a distant memory. (Hey, good socks are expensive. I’m thrilled when I get socks as presents.) But there are some traditions that just won’t break, like me and Dad getting our Christmas picture taken (tree is a wee bit small this year) and Ping joining in the fun.

On the other hand, some things have changed mightily…just about everyone in the house had a blackberry that required a little attention here and there. And Molly huddled up to the front door searching for a wireless connection. Which would have been very hilarious, if not for the fact that I felt her pain staying in a house with dial up. Oh the horrors!

Sometimes though, good old paper will win out over technology when trying to demonstrate a good route home. Fortunately, some of us still carry a paper atlas or two (US Atlas circa 1995!). After a weather-induced detour that added significant miles to their drive, Molly was happy to get some advice from Chad since he knows his way around Eastern Pennsylvania.

And I took my traditional long winter’s nap once we got home. All that sitting around and eating sure does make a girl hungry.  Or maybe it was that 30 minute ride in the car. I’m sure it had nothing to do with my body being so confused by the bad food, alcohol, strange sleeping schedule and general chaos. Nope, that couldn’t be it at all! At any rate, there’s nothing like taking a little snooze (little snooze = 2 hours in my world) with a kitty keeping sentry.

Merry, Merry to all!


chris on December 28th 2008 in Family

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