Cold Caching

Cold is relative.

And relatively speaking, Aquacache and I froze to death on an ill-advised adventure in SW Pennsylvania.

I’d been itching to get out of the house and go caching, but Mother Nature and various social obligations were seriously interfering with each and every caching plan I made. [I’d like to point out that by this time I should know not to trust the forecast, but I can’t help myself.]

Despite the dire forecast of drastically dropping temps [and when you are starting at mid-20’s there isn’t far to go] and wind gusts up to 36 mph [not a gust by my definition] I managed to convince Aquacache that what he really wanted to do was go caching with me. The caveat was that I promised not to take him on some insane hike and that we’d stick close to the car due to the weather. So I loaded the PQ on the laptop, put the Ram Mount back together (it has issues…) and away we went.

First stop: a two- stage multi that my navigator had already found. Which is when our decision to go caching began to seem a little rash. No sooner had I gotten to stage one of the first cache of the day, than Mother Nature got angry. So there I stood, IN a pine tree (or some sort of evergreen) trying to reach stage 1 which was, of course, over my head. When the wind whips up, causing the branches of said evergreen to beat the ever living daylights out of yours truly.

At that point I figured things could only really go up, because down wasn’t possible. standing on a hillside getting attacked by Mother Nature….seriously, how low could things go after that? Well, my stupid blue garmin could die. Which it did. And I only have one bluetooth GPSr which was being hogged by my laptop. Oh Technology. It hates me almost as much as Mother Nature.

From there though, things were pretty much status quo. Although we did have a few ups, such as discovering that Sheetz has free wifi. Oh yes, not only coffee & schmagels, but wifi. Woohoo! You know what that means? That means were were able to solve a morse code puzzle cache in the parking lot of sheetz while drinking hot coffee and spilling tuna salad all over my car (that’d be me, not Aquacache)

It was a long day, with lots of caches and windy roads. As such, by the time I got home and properly defrosted I was having a time of it remembering which was which. So I offer you a humble roundup.
– I fell down spectacularly, getting myself muddy, not long after chastising Aquacache for getting mud in my car (and pebbles – where did they come from?)
– Found ammo can with log frozen to it.
– Found shack in cemetery. Certain there were zombie hobos nearby.

– We were observed photographing telephone poles in a park. By a man in a suit. Try explaining that one.

– Searched covered bridges under cover of night with mag lites….yep, that’s not suspicious.

So, only a few more pics, but click away below.

chris on December 23rd 2008 in Geocaching

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