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DeLorme East

In the world of geocaching,  there’s this little thing called a DeLorme Challenge. The idea is to get yourself a paper DeLorme atlas [yes PAPER] for your state, which in my case is West Virginia. Then you go out and find at least one actual, honest to goodness geocache on each page [no virtuals or events folks].  Sounds easy, right?  You try to get from A to B in West Virginia in an expedient manner. Your reward along the way is seeing some unusual places.

I was down to about 14 pages and it became pretty obvious that there was no way I was going to be able to sit still long enough to come up with a plan. As it turns out, pbump is one heck of a planner.

Our little group (pbump, mrs. pbump, Knight Who Says Ni & me) rendezvoused in Morgantown Friday evening and headed out towards Charles Town, WV, where we anchored for the evening.  From there we set out to try and exact some vengeance for a fellow cacher on a wicked micro. With 5 sets of eyes we beat the bush (literally) for near on an hour to no avail. Itchy, bloody, muddy and rather annoyed we called time. Sigh.

With that nice dose of hubris, we headed out and hoped for better luck. We took in quite a few signs – both of the historic variety and of place markers.  Experience has proven that if you show up with a camera (and possibly a stuffed penguin) near a sign of any sort, people generally ignore you. The bigger the camera, the more invisible you become. Let’s just say I was prepared.

We did find a few cleverly placed nanos – one in fact tried to eat mrs. pbump’s Sharpie, which then had to be extracted with a knife (we’re prepared us geocachers, very prepared). After a sort search around we found a suitable nano-extracting-device. Having extracted the nano and then the log I got to show off my mad nano-log-rolling skills. Hey, if I can do this when it’s 25 degrees and with wind gusts up to 35 mph, early July is nothing!

Our merriment wound down around midnight when we made land in Morgantown. It had been a long, long and fruitful day of caching.  And so for your enjoyment….a few shots of our adventure!

chris on July 14th 2009 in Geocaching

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