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It was around 7 am. I had just started to wake up when I was startled upright by the phone. MOUNTAIN CALL! DENALI IS VISIBLE!!!! Jumpin’ Jesus on a Pogo Stick! Grabbed the camera and shuffled out the door and @#$%#$^^&$%^& if the mountain wasn’t already obscured by clouds.

So at this point I still didn’t understand WHERE I was supposed to see the mountain when it finally did come out. I even consulted this very fine informational panel.

Around 11 am Denali peeked out. OK, so now at least I know what the hell I’m supposed to be looking for and it was WAY higher up on the horizon – the peak I mean – than I’d thought.

We decided to stay on property and see if we could spy any moose. We’d heard plenty of folks saying they’d seen moose here. And then we saw this sign. Even though the trail was now open, we had high hopes for a moose sighting. Especially since no other idiots were out on the trails today. Sadly, no moose.

So we did the trails. Because a vacation isn’t a vacation without forced marching nearly every day. Arissa probably was unaware of this rule when I signed up for this trip. Although to be honest, at least she didn’t think I was purposely trying to kill her like in Talkeetna on the Nature Trail (yes, Arissa, it was too a legitimate nature trail in Talkeetna; there was a sign!).


Also, there are 4 caches here, so we had stuff to do.  And no, I did not carve my name in the rail. It is just happy coincidence that I have such a common name. One of the caches led us to a (very obviously) man made stream that ran under a bridge. There was even a waterfall flowing down from this huge sculpture. As we were standing on the bridge, waiting for a good opportunity to search for a cache, a couple ambled by. The woman said, “Do you think there are fish in there?” Lady, it’s not a real stream. It doesn’t go anywhere and by the way, it’s not super deep.

All over the property we saw warnings about DO NOT APPROACH MOOSE. Do you know what we saw? We saw three ravens. Three stinkin’ ravens. Honest to God, Alaskan animals apparently hate us. I can’t imagine why.

If I hear one more person say how many moose they’ve seen I’m going to freak out. We were both pretty worn out since this vacationing is hard work. So we ambled over to the glorious fire pit. We settled in and watched as someone else dealt with the fire. Oh it was glorious. Just like my back yard, only far, far better (sorry, Chad). Even though we couldn’t see Denali, the scenery was amazing.

More pics of our foolishness in the gallery.


chris on July 26th 2014 in Travel

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