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We figured we’d try our luck seeing Denali at sunrise, since that’s when (rumor had it) you had the best chance. So 4:55 am the alarm went off. We staggered outside in jammies and sure enough, there was the mountain! So yeah, the ridiculous waking up was worth it. Especially since we could go back to bed 10 minutes later. I won’t bore you with those pictures, because later on, Denali was in full view.

Had some time to kill before our bus took us to Anchorage for the last leg of the trip. The natural spot to hang out and wait was the main lodge – you know, where the wifi was almost dependable. We walk out of our room and Arissa shouts, “SHE’S OUT! DENALI IS ALL OUT!” We could see the entire mountain from base to the top of the south peak! It was amazing, and not in the tired, overused meaning! I had goosebumps. Wow. What a send off!  (Check out the gallery at the bottom for the tons of pictures. It’s difficult to explain how amazing it was to suddenly see a mountain so enormous appear, seemingly out of nowhere.)

Sadly, it was time to climb on the bus and head to out. We were going back to Anchorage which meant vacation was nearly done.

On the way, we stopped here for ICE CREAM and finally got an up close view of a moose. It’s about damn time.

Next door was this place…complete with old beat up Toyota station wagon. It was closed and I felt the poorer for not having been able to go in and take a look at what wondrous “and stuff” I might have been able to procure.

Anchorage was a lot smaller than I expected. I don’t really know what I was thinking. It was also crazy warm. So crazy warm I was about ready to buy some scissors so I could cut my jeans off into shorts since our rooms weren’t ready. Yeah, I was so hot I was gonna go down the jorts road.

We headed down to try to find the Anchorage Brewing Co. (717 W. 3rd Ave, Chad told me confidently). First we stopped at Hard Rock Café so Arissa could get a pin for her collection. It was fairly close to the address for Anchorage Brewing Co. I looked on the map, nothing by that name was listed. However, our handy dandy handout (complete with map) did show a place called Sleeping Lady Brewing Co. (that’s the name of a mountain, by the way).

So that’s where we ended up. We were able to score a table on the deck and enjoy the unofficial air show (courtesy of JBEAR).

Sunshine, delicious food, beer, air show…the winding down of this vacation is barely a winding down.

But wait! There’s more! After all that fun in the sun, we headed out for a nice dinner and along the way, we saw a moose!

Actually, it was the same moose we’d seen earlier in the day. I guess it really liked this one store in downtown.

Anchorage, you sure know how to show us a good time!

Check out the gallery below. It’s pretty awesome.

chris on July 27th 2014 in Travel

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