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Desperation Caching

Just because it is warm does not mean the snow has melted. Remember last week?

No, I see I didn’t . And clearly neither did pbump, who agreed that caching was a GREAT idea.

And yes, we did attempt to beat the ice into submission. But it was very unsuccessful. VERY unsuccessful

Cabin fever has hit the geocaching population pretty hard. You would be frightened by some of the stories I’ve heard (or participated in). And as evidenced by these photos, pbump’s concept of appropriate caching weather is as distorted as mine.

you know what’s not a great digging tool? A hiking pole. You’d think someone who drove a Jeep would have a shovel at hand.

Not to mention, his desperation seemed to be way worse than mine.

I’ll just attribute that to February being an evil month. And assume it has nothing to do with my mania spreading. Nothing whatsoever. I’m innocent. Innocent I tell you.

chris on March 14th 2010 in Geocaching

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