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E is for Empty

The forecast was supposed to be lovely so I thought I’d take the Jeep to work this morning, not that I have the soft top on any more mind you. After all we’d had plenty of cold, wet weather and I decided (right before a patch of lovely sunny, 70 degree days) to put the hard top back on (thanks BJ, best brother ever).

I get in the Jeep, turn the key and look at my gauges. What’s this? I’m almost out of gasoline? How’s that possible? I was positive that the last time I drove the Jeep I filled up the tank. I remember being rather annoyed because the next day I drove the Subie and had to fill it up as well.

I backed the Jeep out and started down the hill thinking that maybe the gauge would swing up. But no, it just sat there, almost on Empty. It was then I realized that it was rather odd that my gas light had not come on. So close to Empty and yet nothing – no light, no ding ding ding.

Back on flat ground I looked at the gauge yet again. Nope still on Empty. Crud. I started thinking that maybe the float in the tank had gone bad. Or the wiring.

I was hoping to at least get to work before the gas was completely gone and then figured I’d run out at lunch and fill up. Which is when I took one last look at my fuel gauge.

Yes, E is for Empty. But F is for Full.

chris on November 9th 2011 in Blogroll, Vehicles

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