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Expensive Obsession

I’m still not (officially) allowed to ride, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been hanging out at the barn, lavishing attention & baths on my boy.  I did manage a two minute ride a few days ago under the guise of  making sure Villain was going to behave when I put our niece on him solo. It was probably a good thing Chad was there, otherwise I may have done something stupid exceedingly unwise.

Villain was a love, of course.  And by that I mean he was pretty much as lethargic as he could get.  The most he was up for was plodding around the arena with his quarter horse neck stretched out as far as possible.  [I’m smart enough not to try to frame him up with a bum arm.]  That two minute ride only whetted my desire to be back in the saddle for real, but at this point I’ll take what I can get & behave myself  before I end up grounded.

And so for my pleasure, more than anyone else’s, I present gratiutious shots of Villain.

chris on July 9th 2009 in Animals

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