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Matlick Family Reunion

The 2007 Matlick reunion. Set against the beautiful countryside of Preston County and the Mt Zion church and cemetery.

Birthday Skating

Bronwyn's 8th Birthday Party. Bring it 1980's style.

Chad is 40

a late surprise party


our 13th anniversary

NYE 2011

New Year\'s in Morgantown, but only half of us were here.

Christmas 2011

It was an unusual Christmas.

Family Group Photo

Second Floor Renovations Day 2

It only took us 2 days to go from nasty carpet to the original wood floors. Yes they still need refinished, but they are in surprisingly decent shape.

Second Floor Renovations

time for some more renovations

Ping Surgery

Ping has minor back surgery. I am a complete disaster.

My Closet\'s a Closet

Time to renovation one of the bedrooms, but on the cheap.

Master Bedroom Renovation

Or...my worst idea yet.

NYE 2010 - Canadian Style

We headed North to Team Kuclick Canadian HQ

Christmas 2010

wherein we play corn hole in the great room.


yep. 11. count \'em

Oh, Canada

Our March visit for Team Kuclick Festivities

Chi Chi 1972

Family trip to Cooper's Rock

Brian and Crissy brought the kids to Morgantown, and we headed to Cooper's Rock for the afternoon.

Paging Doctor Berry

1 out of 6 isn't bad! We've finally got a doctor in the family.

Christmas 2007

Christmas Day, 2007.

Happy Rebellion Day

It rained all day on the Fourth of July. All stinkin' day.

Molly's Visit

Molly was in for a visit.

Quinn's 4th Birthday

A little kite flying and a birthday celebration

water shots

Coopers Rock

hiking coopers with micki, uncle dan and dad

Nun-Nun in the Inauguration Dress

the dress my Nun-Nun wore to JFK's inaugeration in 1961


my first broken bone and surgery all in one day

Still Broken

healing at home

400 Babies Baptized


the scar reveals itself


September 8, 2009. 11:01 a.m. I finally get my clean bill of health. My name is Chris and I am OUT of HEEEERE!

Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

a trip to TALA...and they let us go home even


Chestnut Mountain Mudder September 8, 2012

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