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Farewell, Ghost

It is with very heavy hearts that Chad and I bid farewell to the feline matriarch of the family,  the top cat, our girl Ghost.

Our very loving tabby cat ended up with us by mistake. While out for a walk, Chad  spied a litter of stray kittens being taken care of by a kind lady. He had his eye on the tortoise shell kitty. The entire litter was hell on wheels. We came away thinking we had the right kitten. After getting this little ball of a kitten home, she pretty much disappeared. The food was eaten, the litter pan was used…we had a Ghost. What we didn’t realize for probably at least a month, which was when we finally were able to get a good look at her, was that she was not the tortoise shell kitty. She was the tabby!

Once Ghost realized that humans weren’t all that bad, it didn’t take long before she turned into a full fledged lap fungus. If there was a lap, she was on it. If there were multiple laps, Chad won out every last time. There was no doubt that she was his kitty.

Over the last 18 years Ghost took it mostly in stride as we added ferrets and other kitties to the family. Although I don’t know that she fully ever forgave us for bringing our boy cat Freyr home “for her.”

She traveled with us to Palmyra and Charleston on a regular basis. The move to from apartment to house to bigger house didn’t ruffle her fur a bit. She walked around like she owned the place, which she pretty much did.

There are so many funny, cute, amusing and adorable stories of Ghosty. But this one keeps popping back into my head. When I was stuck home with a broken elbow,  miserable, awkward and stuck in bed,  Ghost came up,  delicately snuggled up to my hugely bandaged arm,  and gently placed her head over the break and just purred. She didn’t poke me, she didn’t want pets. And she didn’t move. She just sat and purred on me.

Bye baby girl, we’ll miss you. You were a good girl.

P.S. She’s with the band

chris on September 12th 2013 in Animals, Family

to “Farewell, Ghost”

  1. Buzz responded on 13 Sep 2013 at 6:06 am #

    Without “Love” we have nothing..
    That’s the phrase that keeps coming to mind…
    Hearing that phrase on K-Love Christian/Gospel music station..
    You kids have the LOVE needed to get through life’s little bumps in the road…
    Prayers for comfort

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