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Ferret Follies 2013

Mom and I packed up Fionnlaugh & Duncan and headed out to the Three Rivers Ferret Follies Fall Picnic & Fun Match. We had to leave poor Shadowfax with Chad since our girl has some serious anxiety issues about being outside. We’re working with that, but I thought it best she stay at home. I was excited for the furballs to get a chance to see other ferrets, maybe even some buddies they knew from being at the Hide-e-Hole Ferret Rescue before we brought them home with us in May.

I hadn’t been to a fun match for years. We had taken Fidget back when we were in college (yes, that long ago) and probably Fidget and Hotspur at one point. At the very least I was prepared with a big selection of costumes for the kids – none of which they like – when it came time for the costume contest.

Suffice to say the ferrets had FUN! Fionnlaugh won 3rd place in the costume contest as a frog – no I don’t have a picture, she hated the costume. Mom & I won some stuff in the raffle. I scored some awesome treats for the kids and then we all went home and collapsed! Well, except Shadowfax who spent the day scaring poor Chad by hiding in a new spot and then finding and dispatching a mouse.

Duncan was over the top adorable when he slowed down for a few seconds. Pretty sure he knew I had a camera.

Fionnlaugh was also posing and being utterly adorable.

Duncan started off with a bang in the flower pot dig….

But was soon distracted by the bag of potting soil, as were quite a few other ferrets.

Fionnlaugh tried her hand at the cup tip, but like pretty much any of our previous ferrets, while she can tip a cup like a champ at home, if it’s empty she’s disinterested. She got a few knocked over, but that was mostly by accident. And, being such a wee lass, she walked right between them without even touching the cups! We’re gonna have to do some training at home in the off season.  These are really poor quality photos, but I was trying to shoot with one hand and ferret wrangle with the other.

Duncan didn’t do much better and for the same reasons. He’s bigger than Fionnlaugh, tipping the scale at just over 2 pounds, but he’s no widebody by any means. And then he got distracted. Big surprise!

Probably the funniest contest was the ferret chariot. We didn’t participate since I figured no way would either Duncan or Fionnlaugh stay in a box while I pulled it behind me.

The ferret in the yellow chariot won. His little girl took off and he stayed in! I was super impressed.

By that time my two kiddos were winding down and pretty tired.  So we let them go back to their carrier and pass out.

If you want to see some really good up close and adorable pics from the event, check out these from Iheartferrets. The photographer captured a bunch of the ferrets in costume. There’s a pic of Duncan in his costume. He’s the king. He wasn’t exactly happy about it either.

chris on September 15th 2013 in Animals

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