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Football…or so they say

It’s Fall in Morgantown and that  means Mountaineer Football! Usually this is a good, fun, exciting thing. But lately, the best part of the WVU games is The Pride of the Mountaineers. True, you never get let down by the band, but that’s not really what we bought season tickets, that’s for sure. It’s just an additional benefit.  None-the-less, Chad has been able to muster some pre-game excitement during the season since we sit with some awesome people.

So in sum, for me this football season has been mostly about:

1. Food – I like food and I LOVE me some good tailgating food.

2. Drink –  No real need for explanation here, it is WVU

3. The Pride – Yay for the band!

4. Friends

5. Football – yes, they still do play, just not so well.

Still we have had great, sunny and downright hot weather for several of the games. And that means really good pictures even if I’m just randomly holding the camera up and shooting.

Let’s GOOO Mountaineers!!!

chris on October 19th 2008 in Galleries

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