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Friends with Weapons

It’s nice to have friends who have fun hobbies. And it’s even nicer when those friends share the wealth. Ah, it was a nice and happy warm (ok, Hot…it was HOT) September Sunday when we met up with Keith and headed out to the Pedlar WMA shooting range. The official purpose of course was to improve my aim and actually try to hit the target with my ACP.

But who am I to turn down a chance to improve my aim with the AR-15 as well? Really, it’s all about expanding my horizons and improving my aim on different types of guns. It’s a matter of practicality you know. Plus I like the very satisfying “whump” from this particular gun. It’s fun…”whump, whump, whump” and I totally dig shooting at the plastic bottles, which I seem to be able to hit much better than an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. Go figure.

Of course Chad took the opportunity to show me up, as usual. I think perhaps he has special shooting contacts that he wears because I swear I can’t even tell if I am hitting the target. Unless I dig out the binoculars which I constantly forget to take with us.  

But that’s ok, because eventually Mr. Smartypants had a little bit of an issue with the AR-15 as you can see. It makes it rather difficult to actually aim, let alone shoot when it’s sort of….well…bent in half. The good news was that our friend Keith is used to us making things cease to work and came prepared. At least I can take some satisfaction in knowing it wasn’t me this time around. Yay for small miracles.

For more pictures of us looking like looneys, click away….

chris on October 16th 2008 in Galleries

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