Toy - Fail!

The Toy's Restoration Continues

The sun came out and the Toy started screaming to be let loose from her dark tomb of a garage. The only way to acquiese was to get her running....

The Toy - Demolition

Being unable to break the clutch free, it was apparent that we had to bite the bullet and start pulling the Toy apart. It was not an easy task, since she is wedged solidly in my garage.

The Toy - Stripped Down

it's time to get the transmission out and attack the latest problem area - the clutch. Which then revealed a new problem area - the taper pin holding the fork to the shaft. Will it ever stop?

The Toy - Rebuild

Since the parts had arrived yesterday, this was a good a time as any to put the transmission back INTO the car. Yeah, right.

The Toy - parts arrived!

amazingly enough, despite the fact that customer service said my parts would not arrive until May 5, they were waiting for Chad when he got home.

The Toy's Restoration Begins Anew

In August of 2007 my garage was graced with the presence of 2, yep 2, car guys. and then the parts started flying!

The the beginning.

Two really old pics of me and my car. Not much has changed for either of us.

Mylan Part 2007 - Dress Photos

Pictures of Chris dressed for the Mylan Party, in photographic various styles

Oglebay Resort

Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, West Virginia. Pictures from the visitor's center.

Mustache Show

Pics from the Mustache Show

Beware! New Piper

Starting out on the practice chanter & hampered by an inability to read music, somehow I managed to graduate to actual bagpipes

A Day at the Shooting Range

Accompanied by our friend Keith, Chad & I headed out to the shooting range to try out my Great-Uncle Frank's colt .45. Keith was kind enough to bring along some of his arsenal to share.

Big Blue Dress

Somewhere in here was my wedding dress. I think I've made so many alterations and additions that the original is pretty much long gone.

The Toy - Success!

Yes. It happened. We won. We beat the car. I could not be happier if I tried. Next battle: state inspection station.

Toy - Inspection Day

It's been 7 years...but finally the Toy is legal again. Nice. Sadly it was raining too much to enjoy the victory. In fact I drove her home, put her in the garage and headed out geocaching.

Sage Elizabethan Dress

The newest addition to the costuming closet.

Playing Dress Up

Leadership WV Halloween Party at the Greenbrier

Red Elizabethan Dress

One of the many incarnations of my red dress. This time with long false sleeves. Disclaimer: this dress had been scavenged for materials to use elsewhere - particularly the overskirt, so it is lacking a lot of the original ornaments.

Burgundy Corset

My first attempt at a Civil War era corset - or so says the pattern I purchased. The pattern needed some serious alterations before it fit me properly. I made some changes here and there (I almost always do) and was fairly happy with the results. And it's comfortable, which is nice.

Steelers Playoff Game

Scored 4 club level tickets on Friday at 4 pm for a Sunday 4 p.m. game. Who to invite? How about Darrin & Jay (and Chad of course)

Ping's Travels

Ping is a well traveled gentleman.

Time to be Fancy

A little trip down to the Greenbrier because there's always time to be fancy.

Long Range

A very full day at the range with a buffet of rifles and pistols. Be still my heart.

Bagpipe Practice

practice makes perfect....or at least makes the music nearly identifiable.

Toy - Out for a Spin

It was finally sunny enough for me to take the Toy out for a spin. This particular joy ride was to Lowe's...for supplies to help tear our 2nd floor bathroom apart.

It's Time for Football

the first WVU homegame of the 2008 season and it was HOT. I'll let the pics do the talking

More Fun at Pedlar

You can't get any better if you don't practice, so we packed up my 1911 and Keith brought along part of his arsenal.

WVU Homegames...Not what they used to be

A few shots from the WVU / Marshall game and the WVU / Syracuse game.


Nothing like spending a nice Fall day at the shooting range.

Team Kuclick - Adventures in Canadia

The US & Canadian branches of Team Kuclick had a meeting to do stuff.

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