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Geocaching C.A.C.A. (Again)

With the weather ramping up and Spring finally arriving (although I type this several weeks later in the middle of a deluge that has me contemplating adding pontoons to my little car) the local cachers had been getting restless.

It was undoubtably time to have a Create-A-Cache-Assemblage again.  Yep, we’re gonna go CACA.  And if you don’t know what the heck….just click the handy link.

To recap our adventure:

1. I forgot to tell Dad when we were picking him up.  So he was enjoying a lovely breakfast at McAteer’s.

2. CACA started at 11 in Salem. We left Fairmont at 10:30.

3. I announced my lateness via text

4. I received a message asking me where I was from the illustrius pbump.

5. when i replied that I was “Tragically Late” my phone rang asking me to define that.

6. we made it by 11:15. HA!

7. My Dad announced that A) he’d worn the wrong shoes & B) perhaps I had mislead him about what today would involved. Who me?

After successfully completing our task at hand – placing a cache by committee – and rehydrating while comparing wounds we (Dad, me, Chad & Aquacache) set about the next task at hand –  Birch Run (off of Meat Hook Hollow Horror Flick Road – only partly an exaggeration). After dumping the Subie and cramming in the AquaJeep we headed out. [As a side note, I don’t think Dad is ever going to refuse an offer of the front seat again, the AquaJeep is many things, spacious is not one of them.]

Finding the cache was easy, keeping downwind from the Zombies, not so much.

And since the computer ate the rest of this entry, I’m stopping here. Use your imagination.

chris on May 17th 2009 in Geocaching

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