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Dolly Sods 2012

MAGPI heads to Dolly Sods. Hilarity ensues. Sort of.

GW7, the Day After

So, Sunday we start to sort of head home. but I think I keep finding myself in Tennesse despite the hours of driving.

From Rio to FTF

It's always a good day of caching when you have Rio & a FTF....although today we did it a little backwards. Usually we eat last.

60 degrees & snow

Nothing like a little warm caching in the snow. When Spring jumped up for a short interval, we headed out North to grab some caches

Charleston Caching (Again)

An attempt at vengeance on Gabriel's Oak ends in FAIL, but there was redemption at the end of the day. And food, let us not forget food.

Caching North of the Line

With the forecast promising sun & temps in the mid-40s I drug Aquacache out to do some caching in PA. The weatherman lied I think.

Vengance is Ours: Bear Run

With a slightly different cast of characters we set out to avenge our DNF at Wanna Go to the Can at Bear Run.

Caravan Caching

Eight Cars, Thirteen Cachers and a boatload of fun

Maxwell Run

It's time to head back out into Monongahela National Forest for caching.

C.A.C.A. (Again)

It's time for the Create-A-Cache-Assemblage (Again). This time at Dog Run Lake

Geowoodstock 7, Day 1

Road Trip! Pbump, Mrs. Bump, Knight Who Says Ni & Me pile in and head to Bell Buckle, Tennessee for the big geo-geekfest!

Geowoodstock 7

It's game time.

GW7 - Homeward Bound, Day 2

it was a long day of many states, but we made it to WV after all.

Cold Caching

It was a blustery, frigid, sunny day. We cached. Alot. We froze. Pretty Solid. It was fun

DeLorme East Run

the Bumps, Knight Who Says Ni & I head out to Charles Town and return via the old pike & Elkins in order to clean up some unfinished DeLorme Challenge pages.

4th Great MEAT-n-Greet

It's that time of the year again

Center Branch Sunday

these MAGPI takes a long walk and makes poor decisions

sMAGPI take two

the southern MAGPIs hold their own meat & greet at cooksin park.

Fear Factor Saturday

A swinging bridge, a swaying tower, a rock wall. it's all good

Caching in the Rain

it was wet and wet and wet. And yet we cached anyway

Agent Down, it's Cold

what I won't do for a fizzy challenge square

Chimney Top

A geocaching adventure to Chimney Top near Senaca Rocks

Caching Cluster

16 people, 6 cars and a little chaos. Just another day with MAGPI

What Season Is It? Mild Winter Caching

It's December 28th. It's 55 degrees and sunny. And it's a Sunday. No getting shot today! Let's Go!

50 / 50 caching

Attempted 2 caches in the frigid, winter day. One smiley, one DNF.

Desperation Caching

just because it is warm does not mean the snow has melted. Remember last week? No, I see I didn't .

Pheasant Mountain Geocaching

The best way to celebrate the arrival of Spring is a group hunt for a wvcoalcat cache. We couldn't have made a better choice.

Dolly Sods July 2007

A trip to Dolly Sods, with an excursion to Blackbird Knob and a trip up the Reed Creek North trail.

New Germany Geocaching

A beautiful Fall day pretty much demands geocaching. So loyal sidekick Little Wooden Boy, wvhunter & myself hit the road.

2nd Annual Meat-N-Greet

The 2nd Annual Meat-N-Greet for Geocachers at Cooper Rock was a big success. Nearly 50 cachers showed up to enjoy the food, games, and camaraderie.

Down the Cheat

Adventures with SSGP, sLWB & Aquacache on the geo-trail.

Sunny January Geocaching

Since the weather was nice we headed out for some geocaching in SW PA

Bear Run: Fail

Failed attempt to 'go to the can' on Bear Run

Geocaching Fairmont More Nice February Days

Fairmont geocaching

It's March! Let's Cache

Knight Who Says Ni & MAPS visit for some geocaching

Higland Spring Fling Geo-Event

Knight Who Says Ni, MAPS, Aquacache and I headed up to Wheeling, WV for a caching event. What a blast, but by the time I finally got home, I was cached out.

I'm sure I did more than cache in March....Right?

No seriously. I'm sure I did more than geocache in March. It's a long month after all

Caching & Milestones

This was a big week of milestones. I finally found 500 caches and Chad and I celebrated being stuck with each other for 9 years. All on the same day!

Clover Run to Mail Route

A little caching adventure in the Mon National Forest (again)

A Puzzling Situation

Off to Greene County, PA to tackle this multi-stage puzzle cache....what an adventure!

Slopping at the Trough

With the South Branch of the Potomac actually running high we figured there was no time like the present to go Slopping at the Trough.

Tater Cache - No Wusses Need Apply

The Fellowship of MAGPI headed out to tackle Tater Cache. The journey was hard and in the end, only 4 of the seven completed the journey.

Witch Hunt - Spooky Solstice

A night cache in the middle of nowhere, WV at an old church....


So a few of the MAGPI ventured down mighty I-79 to join up with our southern brethren for a fun filled day of rain-o-rific geocaching.

A Hike on the Cheat

or how SSPG tried to find a cache in a backpack

A Little Madness

A four stage multi at Coopers Rock in the driving rain. Yeah...I'm in!

The 3rd Great MEAT-n-Greet

It's that time again. Time for cachers near and far to convene at Pavilion 3 of Cooper's Rock for games, fun, lies and food!

Create-A-Cache Assemblage

sure we've done group caching, but never group hiding...a quick little event cache with a bonus...we all got FTF on another cache.

sMAGPI Meat and Greet

First Annual southern MAGPI Meat and Greet at Cookskin Park in Charleston.

Random Caching

I cached all over. Valley Falls, Grafton, Arden, and Geocoinfest 2008.

Losing my Mind

it was "warm" and the roads were "clear" so I figured that geocaching on a rail trail would be a great idea. Dad and Chad apparently agreed with me.

Drizzle Caching

it's Spring damn it. and there is going to be caching. And off we went to Parkersburg

Snake Hill Good Bad Ugly

Time for a good ol\' wvcoalcat trio.

Mountwood Night Caching

the MAGPI 8 went night caching.

New England Day 5

Homeward Bound

Geowoodstock IX

Time to get our Geo-Geek on.

6th Great MEAT-n-Greet

Time for a big event at Coopers Rock

Mt. Nebo Excursion

MAGPI takes a long walk and FAILS

4th Annual sMAGPI Meat & Greet



Cleaning up the trash of other people is disgusting. But we did it anyway. We\'re nice like that.

Coalcat Caching

thanks to \'coalcat himself we cheated...but just a little.

A True WV Geocacher 3

A merry jaunt in the woods.

\'Coalcat Caching

Forest roads are open you say? Oh yes, let\'s do. Coalcat Knob & Cheat View South

Cannon Hill

Let\'s take the proper path this time.

Weston Gauley Bridge Turnpike Trail

it was sunny and warm on January 22. Still, I wanted to injure pbump before we were done and he wasn\'t even along on the journey.

New England Day 3

My favorite

South Park Square Root of Nine Day

It was a very snowy day.

Cabin Fever Event

Lots of games, food and fun

Panther and Big Runs

A good day of getting the Jeeps muddy

CITO in the CONG 6

CITO IN THE CONG VI in the Fayette Cong - april 21, 2012


MAGPI picks up trash, gets to meet really cool raptors and freezes its collective arse off.

MAGPI Open 2012

MAGPI\'s Putt Putt Golf Challenge, year two.

MNF with GCC2

First outing with Aquacache\'s new Jeep

Rock Top, Soggy Bottom

It was another one of those kinda caching days.

Geowoodstock X

Geowoodstock geekery and a really crazy long road trip.

sMAGPI 2012

sMAGPI turns five and moves to Kanawha State Forest.

New England Day 4

New England Day 2

Where are we?

Caching Randomly

some here, some there. it\'s all good though

Virginia Iron Furnance

Took a quick drive up the road to grab a wvcoalcat cache.

Hillbilly Cluster

Let\'s just call it what it was.

Good, Bad & Ugly

We cache smarter, not harder.

Valley Falls State Park

A much needed mental break

Coal Heritage GeoTrail

KWSN, 89SC and I explore BFE WV

10 Years of Geocaching

wvangler throws a mean event in Ripley, WV to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of geocaching

Caching toward the Gorge

Memorial Day caching run

WV County Challenge Final GC1QWJF

I found a cache in all 55 counties of WV. Yeah 55 geesh.

5th Great MEAT-n-Greet

the Fifth year of MEAT consumption and Greeting other cachers.

Seneca Saturday

Finally, Chad and I get to Seneca Rocks

EWV Day 1

Morgantown to Beckley via Fairmont, Spencer, Charleston, Huntington, Logan, Matewan, Lillyhaven.

New England Day One

heading out

EWV Day 2

Homeward bound. From Beckley to Morgantown the longest way possible.

The Dark Side 12/10/2010

Night Caching

13 Mile Creek Jeepin

It\'s time to break in Edmund the Jeep.

Caching Team Kuclick Style

We came. We saw. We cached. Then we passed out.

Mingo Creek Caching

The last time I was here was to train for an ultra hike. I like visiting to cache much better.

Rt. 50 Caching

Out caching with the Bumps, G-C and sidekick.

CITO in the CONG V

let\'s pick up the trash of previous generations and think about how much they suck


well...we tried to CITO but that was one clean trail


MAGPI\'s first golf tournament. Complete with green jacket & sunburns.


I got the Vue about halfway down here...time to see what the Jeep can do.

Beartown & Beyond

Some WV state parks that I had never visited before, but can now highly recommend

Brush Mountain

A Geocaching trip to Brush Mountain in central Pennsylvania

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