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Geowoodstock 7 – Bell Buckle, TN

Well, we attended Geowoodstock 7 and survived. We went, we cached, we drove around, we tried not to kill each other and we had fun.

First things first, we had to assemble. Then reassemble. Then assess where things were and make a plan. Do you know how small Bell Buckle,TN is? it’s small. Very, very small.  However, when describing where I was standing, “over by the tie dye” didn’t quite work. Why, you may ask? Because I was referring to the tie dye t-shirt dispensing booth, and pbump thought I meant the tie dye clad cachers. And so I said, as I was explaning I was “By the tie dye, to the left with the big group that’s now waving,” three other groups started waving. Honestly.

After assembling and forming our plan, which pretty much involved using cell phones (this later proved to be a not great idea due to bizarre signal ebbs and flows), we took in GW7. That meant shopping for cool containers, backpacks (we had a lot of stuff), stickers for the cachemobile and ice cream floats.  And you had your obligatory lie swapping / cache recommending. MAGPI bragged up the ever popular Gadget’s at Decker’s Creek as best we could (this was more difficult than you may imagine since some of the gang haven’t found it and we didn’t want to give anything way.)

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And very importantly we remember to sign the log – which was a map. Which was cool because my signature covered all of Mon county and probably part of Marion too. HA!

The only sour spot we hit was the enormous line for lunch. and by enormous I mean so unbelievable that it snaked down and out of sight before wrapping back around to where the food was being handed out. And it was hot out. Very hot out. Which for some of us who love this type of weather (me) was awesome. But normal people were starting to get hot and sweaty and possibly cranky. Even the heat lovers among us were getting cranky (me). so we headed out for greener, less crowded, more barbecue-o-rific pastures. And caching.

And, as you can see, an oil change and lawn tractor inspections.

[Originally this post ended with the following thought: And now I’m still in Tennessee, but via Alabama (but why did we pass a place called Pittsburgh on the way?)]

chris on May 24th 2009 in Geocaching

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