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Hotspur.us » Geowoodstock 7 – Day One

Geowoodstock 7 – Day One

We made it to Bell Buckle, TN, caching the way down. We made many stops.  One of the most memorable being Escape from Walter Reed because dudes, that was the biggest Zombie encampment I have ever seen in my life. True, I did not SEE the Zombies, but that’s not unusual. They tend not to be super active in the daylight. I mean, after indulging in brains all night  they have a tendency to sleep during the day.

Also. it would have been helpful for some of us (ME) to have managed to load the necessary caches. As it was, with GC.com being down I was sort of prepared. And by sort of I mean I had loaded 6 on the way caches and had fresh batteries! Yay me. But since pbump was prepared and had the Mighty Colorado I pretty much figured I’d do what I always do in such situations….follow the person instead of the arrow.

One random picture and then I’m off. so you’ll have to make up a story as you look.

It’s late, I’m tired and here are the pics! Enjoy. More to come.

chris on May 22nd 2009 in Geocaching

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