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Gettysburg – That’s not a trail

We were back in Gettysburg to do some organized battlefield touring. We were equipped with a very nice, very new hardback book detailing the battle and the monuments. I had the trusty Garmin 60CSX (with the proper topo maps loaded), the phones and plenty of water. We were ready to roll.

And so Chad said he would really very much like to see some certain monuments located on Big Round Top. We picked a nice spot (we assumed) to leave the car and headed toward the area indicated by the sign.

However what we discovered was that…just because a sign points to some monuments, one should not really presume there is a trail.

As you can see, even an experienced geocacher would have trouble locating something here to follow. And trust me, I can find a pixie deer trail like a champ.

We did find this awesome tree. But it wasn’t much in the way of a trail.

As you can see, Chad did all of his bushwhacking all the while carrying his hardback book of the battlefield.

(As a side note: It was a little distressing to find a bunch of what we assumed to be blazed blue trees cut down. Being as how in our experience blue blazed trees tend to indicate a trail.)

We got as far as we could and finally decided to turn back. Originally we thought maybe we’d bushwhack straight down the hill to our car. But when we were confronted with a wall of thorns we gave up and more or less followed our tracks back.

Eventually we stumbled on what appeared to be an actual trail and managed to find the monuments for which Chad was seeking.

As you can see from our track log…when we get our minds set on a destination, we’re going to find it!

Gettysburg Fail


We did actually do some other things besides bushwhacking and getting thoroughly confused. You can make up your own story for the rest!

chris on May 30th 2011 in Geocaching, Travel

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