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Hotspur.us » GLACIER BAY, AT SEA July 21


Ah, day at sea = sleeping in. Hooray for sleep!

Arissa and I took our happy little selves, our 300 cameras, binoculars, and Ping and sat out on our balcony watching the world go by. For a change, Port side was the winner!

We got to see Margerie Glacier first and what a sight! It was so neat to sit there and see pieces of the glacier (glacial calving) break off and fall into the sea. It made a thunderous noise! You’d hear a crack and that would give you enough time to spot the piece that had broken off. And, as if that wasn’t enough, we had a seal providing entertainment!

After the ship turned we hustled up to the top deck to take in Lamplugh Glacier. It came into sight around a place called Jaw Point. It was such an amazing sight. We simply sat and watched.

We were just about ready to head back to our happy little balcony when we ran into the Taste of Alaska food bonanza by the outdoor pool. Too. Much. Salmon. Never thought it could be, but it was. Salmon smoked, pickled, raw, broiled, fried…..I’ll leave it at that.

Finally back on our balcony, our group of balconies played Spot the Wildlife. If someone would see – or think they saw – something they’d shout out what it was and where so everyone else could see it.

The folks above us spotted a brown bear on the beach and then a few seals. I spotted a cinnamon colored big old brown bear on another beach. It was enormous. We had another curious seal swim right in front of us. And then I spotted a mountain goat! Only one, but I was so proud of myself.

Formal night again.

The water had been choppy when we left Glacier Bay and it has not been a happy situation for me. I took Dramamine and wore my sea bands, but I could tell while I was getting dressed that things were not going well. I made it through the main course.

I tried really hard to suck it up and not die. By the time the dessert menu appeared, I was pretty sure I was going to die. I looked at Arissa, said, “I have to go now.” Stood up and wobbled back to the room. Took more Dramamine, cinched my sea bands down extra tight, made a nest and convinced myself to fall asleep because I did not want to have to barf in that tiny little toilet.

chris on July 21st 2014 in Travel

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