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Glutton for Punishment

We’d just finished up  gotten the first floor bathroom renovation project to a manageable state.  Which meant that we still needed to do the following:


1. Get a towel rack (Chad’s biggest concern)
2. Deal with the baseboard (my biggest concern)
3. Find a light fixture that did not prevent the medicine cabinet from opening
With our list being a mere three items, that meant we could think about start the next project.  And what pray tell might that be?  Oh, that’d be ripping up the nasty stained light blue (well, maybe closer to dingy aqua) carpet on the second floor landing and then ripping up whatever was under it to get to the original wood floor.  And from there refinish said floor.

My earlier experience with a similar project (our bedroom floor) was horrible.  So it was not with a little bit of trepidation that I faced this task.  It was with even more trepidation that I took a gander at what was under the carpet.  It was, oddly enough, a subfloor.  I was confused and then partly horrified because I discerned that previously adhered to the subfloor was some ugly 1970s era sticky tile.  What in the world had happened to the original floor?  Something bad Bad BAD HORRIFYING had to have happened to the original floor for lousy cheap landlords to install a subfloor before slapping down some nasty vinyl floor tiles.  It was the that I realized I  was sweating.
I steeled myself for the worst as we pried the first chunk of subfloor up and revealed………………a pretty nicely preserved piece of wood floor.

That bit of excitement aside, we realized that we did not have the proper tool for removing subfloor on a such a huge landing.  We were soon on our way to Lowe’s in order to buy a new tool.  SWEET!

Back at the landing we got down to work systematically removing carpet and padding, scoring the subfloor and then (me armed with a crowbar – yes, possibly dangerous but terribly cathartic) prying up section by section of the subfloor.  Each time I waited, anticipating the horror of some ghastly disfigured section of floor.  Each time I was stunned to see a really nicely preserved bit of floor.  (And trust me, this landing gets one heck of a workout. Three bedrooms open to it, four if you count the ferret’s bedroom, as well as bathroom.  A lot of foot traffic passes this way.)

We managed to uncover about 1/3 of the landing before completely running out of steam.  I could tell I had run out of steam because I was standing there, crowbar in one hand, hammer in the other and I could not move.
That leaves 2/3 left in which we may or may not uncover a giant hole or something equally awful. Stayed tuned.

The photos are not nearly as exciting as the previous floor renovation – at least not yet.

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