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Hotspur.us » Green Dress in the Italian Renaissance Style

Green Dress in the Italian Renaissance Style

Quite some time ago I decided to make an Italian renaissance style dress. I’d fallen head over heels in love with pictures of a dress I’d seen online and thought I’d go ahead and give it a shot. It was a big departure from my standard Elizabethan gowns.

I was happy with the results and surprised how fast it went together. Part of that had to do with serious lack of embellishments. I’m used to spending significant amounts of time in the  evening curled up  on the sofa surrounded by piles of embroidery thread, beads, ribbons and other miscellaneous stuff that eventually gets stuck under the cushions. Not so in this case. The only embellishments were around the waistline and I even cheated with that. All those nice little beads on the trim? Well I glued them. Yes, you read right. I used glue instead of sewing. How out of character is that?

But still, I was pleased with the effect and since this dress was intended solely for the office Christmas party I didn’t feel that usual self-inflicted pressure to go all out.  And since the dress I was more or less copying didn’t have a lot of embellishments why bother?  Things being what they are, of course I didn’t have any photos taken at the party when my hair was all nicely fixed and I wasn’t sweating. Nope, I waited until August to do the photo shoot. And that was only out of desperation because I needed the sage brocade for a new dress I was working on.

As pretty as it was, the dress was just taking up space in my costuming closet. I’d worn it twice and that was pretty much it. There was enough of the sage brocade to make into an Elizabethan gown and I was getting the itch to start on something elaborate.  The under dress is still completely in tact to this day. The brocade still hasn’t been made into a finished dress though. Not surprising, that’s how my costuming generally goes.

chris on September 15th 2008 in Creativity

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