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Hatfield McCoy GeoTrail

In November a few of the hardcore MAGPI (very few, four to be precise) saddled up and headed down to the ends of the earth, known in these parts as Williamson, WV & Pikeville, VA, to try our hand at the Hatfield McCoy GeoTrail.

We really lucked out with two nice, sunny and warm November days, which was a miracle. You never know what type of weather we are going to get in these parts as the year draws to a close.

At any rate, we set out bright and early Saturday morning from our lodging in Logan and were soon hot on the trail.

And this is where I’m going to own up and tell you I am so ridiculously far behind in updating hotspur that I can’t even begin to breath, let alone write an epic post about our two day travels in the middle of nowhere West Virginia & Kentucky. Although honestly, everything went pretty darn well and we only had one major back track. So instead, I’m going to throw out the five billion photos I took and let you make up your own story. Or not. Whatever, you can be as lazy as I am.

chris on November 11th 2012 in Geocaching, Travel

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