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Heads Will Explode

So WVU played the Norfolk State Spartans. Who? Yeah, that’s what we thought as we made our way to the PRT and from there to our tailgate. You could tell we were not real excited (or concerned) since we didn’t arrive to the tailgate until it had already been open for 30 minutes or so. We enjoyed an excellent performance by The Pride. We Mountaineers can always count on The Pride.

We weren’t much concerned either when it seemed the Spartans were a little overwhelmed by the noise at Mountaineer Field.

But then things started to happen. Or didn’t happen, depending on your point of view.

Which was about the time I began to be concerned that I was going to be hit by flying brain matter when those around me suffered spontaneous explosions of their craniums.

Fortunately the Mounties managed to get back on track and…

Let there be rejoicing across the Mountain State!

It was a good walk home. In the sun. And then we both promptly face planted on the couches when we got home. Let’s goooo take a nap!

chris on September 12th 2011 in Blogroll

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