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I have a plan…it involves geocaching

So we had a long weekend before us and I had a plan. I’m sure you will all be surprised stunned shocked into a coma to find out that it involved geocaching. In fact it involved several facets of geocaching – and they were all related to those nasty challenge caches.  I was going to finish up the Coal Heritage GeoTrail, nab Monroe & Summers counties for the West Virginia County Challenge, a state park or two for the West Virginia State Park Challenge (god Russell how I hate you)  and grab page 56A for the West Virginia DeLorme Challenge.  Yes, yes I was.

And so first thing Friday morning I got online and booked us the last room at the General Lewis Inn for Saturday night. Our plan was to get up EARLY Saturday morning and head south, grabbing the GeoTrail caches, nicking down to Mullens to avenge a DNF, then head over to Lewisburg where we’d spend the night (oh yes, taking in the New River Gorge on the way). Then we’d get up on Sunday, have a leisurely breakfast and take a tour of the Smooth Ambler Spirits before heading northward to grab that pesky page 56A. And THEN stop off in Elkins to make The Wheel of Morality.

Yeah, we I had an awful lot of stuff planned

And then I was out caching Friday around 1:00 p.m. standing on the gawd-awful side of a hill at some lake on a ‘trail’ when I got an email that said my hotel reservation had been canceled per my request. What? WHAT? WHAT??? Since I had cell service I immediately called and said, “WHAT? WHAT THE HELL?” “I did not request my room to be cancelled. Please to be explaining yourself.”  Oh, said the folks at the General Lewis Inn, the room you booked wasn’t really available. The internet site had not updated. What? WHAT? WHAT???? So this later turned out to work out for the best since I made (after returning from the FTF hunt from hell) reservations in Beckley, which was as far as we got on Saturday before giving in to hunger and exhaustion.

Anyway, short recap of trip.  Knocked off a Hawk’s Nest State Park and did an awesome hike to do so.  Found necessary caches on Coal Heritage GeoTrail until we get to Fayette Station. Where we FAIL to find the cache there. Even though it is so simple a blind cacher could spot it from his/her car. That FAIL meant there was no reason to go to the bowels of WV Mullens to avenge that GeoTrail DNF since I would still be missing one cache. We did, however, have a lovely drive down to Fayette Station and took in the scenery.

Calling it a day we crashed for the night in Beckley.

The next morning my still elaborate day 2 plan was still in tact until I looked up Smooth Ambler Spirits and found they were closed on Sunday. STRIKE ONE.  Fine. We still had additional things to do, such as find a cache in Monroe County and then one in Summers County and grab a few state parks for both the WV State Park Challenge and our VIPP stamps. Which worked out pretty well until we got to Cass and I was so distracted by getting stuck in computer cords that I forgot my VIPP cards in the car and consequently totally forgot to get them stamped.

We then also realized that the Earthcache at Organ Caves would have to be passed on since Organ Caves weren’t open on Sundays. Come ON people. It’s Memorial Day Weekend. How about a little flexibility. But no, denied booze & earth caches. Geez.  We did manage to score page 56A which was a load off my mind.

And then we went to Elkins and had delicious Mexican food with Bob & Keith which is where THIS post picks up.

chris on June 9th 2010 in Geocaching, Travel

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