Import Carlisle

So I went up to Import Carlisle towards the end of May. I was searching forĀ  my Dream Manifold a manifold that wasn’t cracked in two.

Well that was a big ol’ fail, which wasn’t exactly a surprise. It isn’t as if you see exhaust manifolds for TR4As scattered on the ground like rice after a wedding.

The good news is I did find a side view mirror for the passenger side.(You know, the that managed to separate itself from my vehicle while it was sitting in the carĀ  while I was recuperating from a broken arm last summer.)

Plus I did get to see an awful lot of very nice looking cars and some wicked strange ones to boot. Not to mention, it isn’t every day you get to hear a polka band play something by Dick Dale and the Deltones

chris on June 5th 2010 in Vehicles

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