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Inspection Day Times 2

Tuesday, July 14 was inspection day for both the Toy and my arm. For me it had been 6 weeks since the incident of the horse hoof to my ulna. For the Toy it had been 14 months since obtaining her previous inspection sticker.

With great amounts of trepidation I dropped my car off at the local inspection station and with a sinking feeling in my gut headed to the office. There were various reasons that I was nervous, but I’d poured a decent amount of time and effort (and blood, sweat, tears & anger) into her this past year and hoped for the best.

When my phone rang around 9:15 am I was shocked thrilled to hear the voice on the other end say, “Your car’s ready.” Stunned (I’ve always been stunned in this particular situation) I made some non-committal “Uh…um…er…ok. I’ll get her on my way home”  proclamation, figuring that blurting out, “Seriously? She passed?” was not good form.

One Down, One to Go

One inspection taken care of I waited impatiently for my 2:45 pm check up. You would think by this time I’d be brilliant not stupid smart enough to schedule my own inspection early in the day.  Clearly lacking the foresight to do so, I spent the rest of the afternoon in a state of semi-barfiness.

I arrived at the doctor’s office at promptly 2:30 which was just absolutely brilliant….the waiting room was hopping and it was clear that earliness was not going to do me any good on this day. After signing in I sat down with my knitting and waited and tried not to barf. After an eternity I was thrilled to hear my name called for x-rays! Yay! My happiness was soon quashed when, upon exiting the x-ray room I was informed that I’d be waiting back in the lobby since all the exam rooms were full up. So much for a speedy inspection for me.

After more waiting where I manged to entertain myself by both knitting and sending emails, although not at the same time, I was called again. It was as if I’d won the powerball. I could tell the fellow lobby-waiters were totally jealous that I’d been chosen to move on to the next round. Sweet! (After all, I had a newly inspected car to pick up and the sun was shining.) Making a bee line for the exam room and nearly running over a few lallygaggers in my way I hopped up on the exam table, pulled out my knitting and waited. It was a good thing I had a lot of knitting to do.

Eventually a doctor came in to see me. At long last I could ask my questions. I was so excited I was probably vibrating. But first there was the issue of soreness around my tricep near the elbow. I bent my arm at a 90 degree angle so the good doctor could take a look. He was gently prodding the muscle when I said, “You can poke at it all day long, it doesn’t hurt. It only hurts when I use it.”  AHA! Apparently that was all he needed to hear because he then said something like, “hmmm….it appears you have tendonitis. But we can work with that. You’ll be just fine.”  Seriously?  I played tennis for years and never had tennis elbow or any other form of tendonitis in my arm. And now, after 6 weeks of more or less muscle atrophy I get tendonitis?


But whatever, at this point I was more concerned about the pressing issues at hand. Such as what was I now, after 6  of weeks of really good behavior, allowed to do. So when the doctor asked, “Do you have any questions?” I blurted out, “CAN I RIDE MY HORSE?” (ok, I didn’t really shout it, but that took a lot of restraint on my part) I could tell by the look on his face that he thought I was clearly crazy (particularly since this entire stupid situation was caused by a horse to begin with).  And that answer was a resounding NO. Not that I was surprised, but you know, a girl can dream can’t she?

So four more weeks of physical therapy although now I am allowed to start some resistance training and do some load bearing stuff. No riding my boy. No doing anything that would cause my arm to be jerked hard and no putting serious weight into the joint (like riding my mountain bike).

Sigh…it’s been a long summer full of supervision. This is getting old. Fast.

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