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It makes no sense

I have noticed, and then apparently forgotten judging by today’s episode, that when I eat raw broccoli I get a wicked case of the hiccups. (Also referred to as bups, if you happen to be a ferret or a cat. But I digress and the thought or my ferret or cats chopping up a head of broccoli into crudite size bites is alarming. They are not allowed to use knives.)

At any rate, I thought some broccoli would be a great thing to enjoy at lunch today. Especially since we have a lot  A LOT of it in our refrigerator. What I did not factor into my decision was that I was manning the phones today.

I’ve now been hiccupping for 15 minutes. And quite loudly at that. I’ve received one phone call in which I both answered and said goodby with a hiccup.

Thanks Broccoli, I thought we were pals.

chris on January 20th 2012 in Blogroll

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