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It’s warm here.

Having survived our trip to the frozen north of Canandia-land (which was not really very frozen to be honest), Chad and I headed South to defrost. So a mere week and one day from waking up in Canada we were landing in Orlando. But Orlando was not our final destination, that would be Tampa.

My only Florida experiences were Orlando (Disney, Epcot, MGM) and Key West (which I am still unable to reconcile as being part of Florida), and those were all summer trips. Having undertaken the traditional vacation force marching on Thursday in Tampa I finally get why people come here in the Winter. It’s warm. And pretty.

After lots of forced marching, taking in some history (thanks WhereIgo cache) and making a wrong turn or two – oh that’s right Tampa Bay, that water is a tricksy thing, we were ready to go back to our hotel, have some bed cheese and sink beer and rest up for the upcoming WVU / USF game. I was about ready to drift off into a late afternoon nap when Chad reminded me it was time to go to the game.

yes, I know, tragically lazy narrative. But hey, I’m on vacation here. You can make up your own story.

chris on December 2nd 2011 in Travel

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