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Jeepin’ to Beaverhole

After our leisurely stroll CITO’ing in Fairmont we figured what we needed to do to wrap the weekend up was a jeep trip down to Beaverhole.  I’d been down to the low clearance parking before in my poor old Saturn Vue, but that was a lifetime ago.

So sidekick & I saddled up in Edmund the Jeep & Knight Who Says Ni hitched a ride with Aquacache (a much better vantage point than the backseat of the little black jeep).

Our first stop was Big Run Cascade which was running like mad today.I managed to creek cross with no falling, much to the amazement of everyone involved. Compared to the previous time I was there – in which I was able to stand at the top of the falls and not even have to worry about the rocks being slippery, today was a little more treacherous. Thankfully I managed to find a tiny branch to steady myself.

From there we went to Beaverhole Cache which was awfully darn difficult to find, considering that both Aquacache & I had already found the darn thing.  But before we could get there…we had some hazards to overcome. Including a new slip.

And from there I had to deal with removing some unwanted debris that had become wedged through the frame. Of course in order to do this, I had to get under the jeep. And to do that I was obligated to lay in the middle of the road through which the stream was running. NICE.

That having been achieved we then had to face “the slip” which while it looks daunting, upon review of the video there was a fair bit of wiggle room.

Once arrived at the bottom, Aquacache & I tried to convince KWSN & LWB to go get Project No. 2459. We even promised we’d just wait at the jeeps. But sadly they declined.

After taking in the views, we decided we were hungry & tired and ready to head home. Since I’d have the pleasure of taking Edmund the little black jeep through the gauntlet on the way down, sidekick slide behind the wheel for the return trip home.

chris on May 30th 2011 in Geocaching, Vehicles

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