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Jeeping to ‘Coalcat

It’s Fall. And that means more than just pretty leaves and rain. Yep, it means that quite a few of the forest roads in the Mon National Forest that are typically gated most of the year are open. And since quite a few of us MAGPI have Jeeps…well you do the math.

After cramming (and boy do I mean cramming) Gentleman-Carpenter & Rock_Rat into the back seat of the Jeep (did I mention my hi-lift jack is still on the floor?) we set out to meet up with 3_Dogs and Russ of ruannwv in Parsons.

Our first target was Coalcat Knob (which sidekick and I had tackled, along with Aquacache, the old fashioned way – by hiking it.  We may or may not have been quite useless in helping determine the best way at one of the many trail splits. After all, if one is inclined to hike the cache, one comes in from a different approach.

The remaining bit of hike was pretty much uneventful. No critters, no scares, no scarring experience. And an intact (and clean) cache container awaited us – of  the ammo can variety.

Missing Part One accomplished we headed back to the Jeeps, crammed back into the Little Black Jeep (I mashed myself into the back this time) and headed off to rendezvous with CL Combat & Aquacache who were (somewhat) patiently waiting for us at Sheetz.

Thus assembled we headed out to Cheat View South.  (Getting a find on this cache would bring me to within TWO caches of completing all the wvcoalcat caches.  So I was seriously hoping that this cache was 1. Findable 2. had the paper log in it.

We didn’t quite get as close as we thought we would. Oh sure I love to hike, but come on,  I have a Jeep and today I was all about cheating the hike.  Someone in this group is  gonna have to learn how to pick a lock.

Shockingly this hike was also uneventful. I know, I know. Two ‘coalcat caches and nothing really in the way of serious bad decisions. What’s up with that?

And as the sun started to go down we headed back to the Jeeps.

Having successfully completed our targets, we headed back to Parsons for delicious dinner. After cramming ourselves with delicious dinner we then crammed ourselves back into the Jeep.

chris on October 9th 2011 in Geocaching

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