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Long Range

Overnight temps were near freezing. The sun doesn’t really come up and warm the fine city of Morgantown very early this time of the year. And that begs the question of why we were at Pedlar WMA public shooting range around 9:15 a.m. Officially it was to get there before it got crowded. Something tells me the cold kept a good number of folks at home until noon-ish. Silly us.

The standard characters of me, Chad and Keith were joined by Mike, who brought along a nice selection of rifles and a shot gun. Combined with the glut of AR-15s (uppers & lowers) and pistols that Keith brought (and my poor lone ACP) we had a buffet before us. So profuse was our equipment, we managed to take up 4 or so of the bays at the range….oops.

My rifle experience is pretty much limited to the AR-15 and maybe two rounds out of Keith’s .308 whereupon I had my head smacked by the scope and my shoulder beaten to death. None-the-less I was way overstimulated at the possibility of enjoying the spread before me.

Just like I do at a food buffet, I tried a little of this and then a little of that. Of course somehow I always go back to my favorite the AR-15 that hates me and always jams (I’m such a glutton for punishment you know). I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to try the shot gun, even though I was unable to hit anything. Yes, that is true. I was unable to even nip the poor yellow plastic jug. How this is possible I have no idea as everyone else was able to hit the darn thing.

I didn’t let that failure get me down since I did pretty well with some of Mike’s guns. Helped out of course by the totally mack’d out scope which made it seem as if the target was being held right at the end of the barrel. I was smart enough to keep my eye away from the scope which completely eliminated an embarrassing repeat of getting smacked on the recoil. See, I do learn after all!

There was much time spent sitting and aiming and trying not to shiver from the cold so you could actually hit the target.

The ultimate problem of letting me sample so many delicious goodies is that now I have developed additional expensive tastes for expensive things. And, as usual, expensive things that require specialized tools and so forth – which is so totally in my wheelhouse it’s scary. I see a really bizarre Christmas wish list forming here. Good thing my birthday is coming up too. Heck, I could have my own arsenal by the New Year! (kidding, totally kidding…it will at least take into the Spring and me using up my anniversary wish list!)

chris on October 19th 2008 in Galleries

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  1. Seinfelds Evil Clone responded on 21 Oct 2008 at 10:15 pm #

    Ok, next zombie epidemic, I’m bunking with you guys.

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