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Because one day of picking up trash is NOT enough wvhunter organized a CITO event of his own, just one day after CITO in the Cong V. And so we weary cachers arrived at the trailhead at Pricket’s Fort. It was drizzling. We were not awake. There was no coffee and some of us were having dirty tire water flashbacks. 

We did have some excitment when pbump arrived and handed out trash grabbers. He’d originally promised us pointy sticks, but had reconsidered after he realized that someone was eventually going to end up getting jabbed by said pointy trash pick up sticks.

Being not very coherent, we listened attentively as wvhunter gave us our marching orders (more like marching suggestions) that indicated some of us go to the other end of the trail and that we all pick up trash as far as the gazebo – supposedly the mid point – and then walk back to our vehicles and head to the pic nic at Wave Tec Park. Since driving seemed like an awful lot of effort, I was among those that declared I’d start from the trailhead of least resistance. And so off we marched.

It wasn’t long before we realized that this was one clean rail trail. Which meant we knew we weren’t going to be slinging tires and toilets. A nice change of pace from the previous day’s work. Especially since we had quite a few repeat participants that were still aching from CITO in the Cong V. So we walked and talked and searched desperately for trash.  We even cleaned up some nice hobo’s under the bridge home for him (or her) we were so desperate to put something in our trashbags.

After a long while – which was when we started thinking that perhaps this gazebo was NOT quite in the middle, wvcoalcat & half of yougart found the motherlode of trash!

This was soon followed by wvcoalcat striking gold a second time with a TIRE!

Because it’s just not a CITO event if you can’t drag out a tire.

Having exhausted ourselves for the day, and with the drizzle picking up a bit, half the group headed back to the vehicles (and the pic nic) while the other half went in search of some nearby caches (so glad I’d already found them). 

Do you really want to eat anything this man has cooked? Think hard on it.

And so it was a nice easy CITO. Although we did suggest to wvhunter that perhaps when discussing places to CITO next year he provide photographic evidence from Dolphy’s event that this group can do some serious clean up. After all, when you have a large group of people willing to spend a few hours picking up an awful lot of trash for free…you really need to take advantage of them! Large groups of stupid people don’t come along every day!

chris on May 18th 2011 in Geocaching

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