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MAGPI Open Wrap Up

Living in North Central West Virginia as we do, we never know if Spring is going to show up or if we are going to be plopped directly from Winter to Summer. Sometimes we get a bit of a reprieve and have a week or two of Spring, but it’s pretty much all a crap shoot.

Refusing to be daunted by this, wvhunter decided what we really needed to do was have putt-putt tournament. Because when I think MAGPI, I think those are the folks I want to be around while they are swinging golf clubs. Saturday started out sunny enough (around 6:30 am) then turned rainy (around 9:30 am) with plenty of clouds and a nice stiff breeze. Which meant we were going to have some Scottish weather for the first ever MAGPI Open at Coal Country Golf.

Loading up the awesome trophies, we headed South.

By the time golfers started to arrive the rain had stopped and the sun was attempting to shine. We were very relieved…almost believing that perhaps we were going to have some decent weather up after all.

After the obligatory random milling around the golfers set forth with 60 Cent leading the first group.

Following closely behind was wvhunter with Frank n Beck & 4th Jean (apparently 60 Cent was too cool to play with his own kin). While wvhunter was busy on the greens I held down the fort, did the meeting and greeting and served as event photographer.

Apparently quite a few folks were taking this tournament quite seriously (clearly they wanted the trophy) as the practice green was getting a pretty heavy workout. Especially by the members of the Senior Tour who ended up playing right in front of us.

By the time wvhunter’s group came it was time for sidekick, Foxtrot Bravo (Dad) and I to give the course a go. It didn’t start out so great, considering it took me three shots to even get the ball to the green. Yes, three putts from the tee box. Despite being dressed to kill, my golf skills were poor at best. Although Foxtrot Bravo scored the only hole in one of the day – sad for him it wasn’t on the “Free Truck Hole”

Typical of our group, we had some rule breakers (but really you’d have thought Mr. 911 would obey the signs)….

And attempts at cheating. Just because you can almost see over the wall doesn’t mean you can circumvent the specific details of the signs – Peeking over the top violates the intent of the rule…..don’t go through the door until the golfer before you is done.

And finally, once all the golfers were in, there was lots of math. Lots and lots of math. Checking, double checking, triple checking because EVERYONE wanted to win those awesome trophies. But first, Gentleman-Carpenter had his moment in the sun…

Because it isn’t every day a MAGPI finds his 1000th cache. And to take on Gadgets at Deckers Creek while there was still snow on the ground takes a dedicated (or brain dead) cacher! And finally for the big moment….

Troopbiz nearly swept the first annual MAGPI Open with scores of 48 & 49…..

So who was the best putt-putt golfer of the day? The crowd murmured in eager anticipation….and then Foxtrot Bravo was called forth (I believe he was hiding in the back, hoping I wouldn’t notice). With a score of 47 he barely snuck in and took top honors. And so wvhunter presented him with the prestigious MAGPI Open Green Jacket

And I presented him with the 3 foot tall MAGPI Open trophy, much to the delight of the other golfers.


Oh and back to the topic of Spring…well Mother Nature had a bit of a surprise in store for us. Summer showed up in the form of blazing hot sun. Lots of sunburns today.

chris on May 2nd 2011 in Geocaching

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