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MEAT-n-Greet Time

It’s that time of the year again…time for the Great MEAT-n-Greet.

The day dawned bright and hot and early….which is always the case for those of us on set-up duty. For a change I had not been up well past midnight working on t-shirts and other random prizes. I guess after this many years I may well be learning that slowly preparing beats last minute freak-out. (Although honestly sometimes last minute freak-out can be fun.)

As usual the set up team turned out in such vast number that not only did we get up super fast, we had time to just wander around aimlessly talking to ourselves (ok, that was me. People kept asking what I needed them to do, but I couldn’t come up with much.)


Around 10:30 our first attendees started showing up…early as usual. And by 11, which was the official start we had a good number of cachers bearing delicious food items.


This year we broke in two new grill-masters: SnowXracer & Gentleman-Carpenter. They kept a steady flow of MEAT coming at a rapid pace which was great since we had a rather ravenous and LARGE crowd. At one point I looked back at the line, snaking out of the pavilion and back towards the furthest pic-nic table and actually had a horrible feeling we were going to run out of MEAT before everyone was fed. Talk about a catastrophe in the making! How could The 6th Great MEAT-n-Greet run out of MEAT? Before I was able to launch into full on panic mode, more MEAT appeared and the grill continued to smoke….WHEW.

To mix things up a bit we introduced the frozen t-shirt competition. We’d had a successful trial run down at sMAGPI a few years ago. And this year since our forecast was for HOT and because I had actually remembered to freeze the t-shirts earlier in the week we were ready to roll.

We had a clear winner who managed not only to get the t-shirt on…but keep it mostly together in the process. Way to go babynubbins (or as I believe he was called hubbynubbins).

Little Wooden Boy once again ran Let’s Make A Deal which started off with a bang when the Wheel itself had a blow-out! Ooops.

After handing out many fabulous prizes it was time for the ever popular Ammo Can Toss and so I mustered the troops and we marched (ammo cans in tow) across the way only to find…We’d been invaded! Yep. We had squatters over in the Ammo Can Tossing area. Judging by the looks on their faces, they were more startled than we were. So what to do? What to do?

Well what we did is follow wvcoalcat past his Find the X field into a lovely swampy area of green goodness. Which meant quite a few things:

1. For people who have a hobby that involves hiking, there was an awful lot of complaining about having to walk to the field.

2. Swampy muck smells bad (yes I stepped it in over and over)

3. Swampy grassy goodness means the can does not roll.

4. Swampy grassy goodness means the can does not explode.

5. Nothing matters anyway because 89SC won AGAIN.

We did have a new winner in the ladies division…actually I think we have a different winner each year for the ladies division. A hearty congratulations to wvcopperhead and here’s hoping she doesn’t use the can to some nefarious purpose like 89SC will.

Having subjected so many people to strenuous ammo can throwing and forced marches, wvcoalcat then them back out to Find the X and found that….you have got to be kidding me…89SC was the winner in the field of flags. Fortunately the prize for that was NOT another ammo can. I mean really, we can only take so much.

We’d moved the event up a week this year in the hopes that we’d get to show off the Mountain State to some folks who were taking a long and winding tour on their way home Geowoodstock IX. Judging by the number of GW9 shirts that showed up we got a few takers! queenofscots and bobstaf joined us from the Richmond area.  And sent us the nicest email afterwards.

Since Greenie333 and SnowXracer are expecting a new little cacher of their own, they graciously let us include them in our games and merriment. For $1 anyone could suggest a geo-name for their wee-one. (Yes, they were smart enough not to offer to let us actually name their bundle of joy. Could you imagine? No. Let’s not.) There were quite a few hilarious entries…some of which of course were anti-Pitt (their alma mater) and the winner turned out to be Little Wooden Boy’s entry “SCREAMING KID”.  Watch for logs from Screaming Kid coming this November!

Many thanks to everyone who came together to once again, pull this event off. With well over 100 attendees this year, The 6th Great MEAT-n-Greet was hoppin’.

chris on July 24th 2011 in Geocaching

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  1. Lisa Farance responded on 25 Jul 2011 at 1:53 pm #

    Nice lot of JEEP TBs. I hope they all moved on to further locations.

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