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Mingo Creek Caching

It was cold and yucky with snow. Well at home there wasn’t that much snow. And for some reason I never do recall that if one heads North, there tends to be more snow on the ground. And so with this NOT in mind, Gentleman-Carpenter and I decided to head out to Mingo Creek Park in Pennsylvania (I’d link to a web page so you can check it out, but apparently there is not one to be found.) So off we go to Mingo Creek Park and what do we discover? Snow. Lots and lots of snow. But hey, whatever. It’s not like we have never cached in snow before.

After consulting my trail map (from previous trip here) which turned out to be useless in the snow, we decided to tackle the cache closest to the car. Stage one was some simple math (so I had G-C) check it and then up the hill we went after the final. Figuring that our best path was to go diagonal up this hill (it had a wicked incline) we were making pretty good progress when I stepped in what had to be the service entrance to a Gopher Condo. The snow had completely obliterated it. So I was walking and talking and the next thing poor G-C knew, I was face planted in the snow and back up again brushing myself off!

After tackling that cache (I emerged from the Gopher Condo service entrance unscathed) we attempted a few other caches, made some poor decisions (hey, it is HARD to find a trail when there is a foot of snow on the ground), took some long cuts and at one point stumbled upon this lean to…..

Kinda creepy I thought. Also it didn’t have the cache, which is where the arrow was indicating the cache should be. We were hoping it was the work of the industrious Boy Scouts who seemed to have peppered the park with projects. Otherwise, I don’t want to know what it is doing in these parts. Do. Not. Want. To. Know. Of course that clearly did not stop us from poking our heads in – we knocked first – and taking photos. Later on we stumbled onto yet another lean to, so we are really really really hoping this was a Boy Scout project or something and that there isn’t a large population living in lean to’s in the middle of Mingo Creek Park.

Around about this time what we managed to discover was that a whole bunch of the roads in the park were closed. Why this surprised me I have no idea. The parks at home often close the roads so treating them is not a necessity. This of course mean that we were foiled in regards to the other caches we were going to attempt. Which is when G-C noticed a palm tree on his GPSr. A palm tree, it turns out, is what he uses to mark a covered bridge. And Gentleman-Carpenter is a covered bridge junky. Really.

Which worked out well because we got some very nice pictures before decided to call it a day and go eat at The Spring House (you must go there, you must get chocolate milk, it is awesome).

So sure, the caching day didn’t work out exactly as we’d planned. And sure I fell in a Gopher Condo service entrance, but really, it was still a great day.

chris on February 28th 2011 in Geocaching

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