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Hotspur.us » MNF in some new wheels

MNF in some new wheels

So our friend Aquacache brought home a new Jeep. A completely stock Rubicon. And since we didn’t have anything to do the next day (yes the day after he bought it) and since there was an 89SC cache with nary a find on it, sidekick and I piled in and off the three of us went for Between the Falls (GC3HFGX). Oh sure there had been rain. And sure last time we (3_Dogs, Aquacache, Gentleman-Carpenter & I) were out this way the water got the best of me, but who am I to learn from prior experiences. After all, I was still pretty sure 89SC was not trying to kill me…pretty sure.

We arrived no problem. And that was pretty much that. The water was running EXTREMELY fast and EXTREMELY high and while Aquacache decided to give it a go, sidekick and I stayed on the banks and hoped he didn’t get washed over – after all, he was the only one with keys to the new Geocache Command Center.

I’ll let the photos tell the story. Which ended in FAIL. Although we did have a little redemption at Douglas Falls Cache (also an 89SC placement) and a random cache or two between here and there.


chris on May 6th 2012 in Geocaching

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