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Hotspur.us » Moon Cakes & The Friendly Skies – March 9

Moon Cakes & The Friendly Skies – March 9

Chad decided that instead of a painting, what he wanted as our piece of vacation art was a moon cake mold. There’s one gentleman in town who still makes the wooden ones by hand. So off we headed. He chose a koi. It’s quite lovely and heavy. Very heavy.

After that we did a little other shopping and just walked around taking in Hanoi.

Of course we stopped for lunch. This time D’lynn introduced us to Bun Bo Nam Bo which is a serious of words for delicious food that I cram in my mouth. Yum.

We had a flight to catch to Siem Reap in the evening, so back to the Hanoi airport we headed. Since this trip was during the day, we were able to see all the things we missed on our drive in, including the very fancy Japanese built bridge.

Landed in Siem Reap, managed to get our visas and get a cab to our hotel, The Privilege Floor at Borei Angkor. Where we caused a bit of a stir because, dear god in heaven we didn’t see the car the hotel sent and we were inconvenienced and how awful for us. Being the clueless folks we are, we didn’t realize they were even sending a car. It really was no big deal to us because we liked the taxi driver and booked him for our tour of the temples the next day.

Our room had a lovely view of the pool and a bottle of champagne waiting on us.

After settling in and enjoying the view and the free booze, we headed down to George’s Rhumerie via tuk-tuk, a cart pulled by motorbike. Delicious food was had. Delicious rum was had.

And then we called it a day because we had a big day ahead of us!

Click on the little pics to get full size pics with captions and everything!

chris on March 9th 2017 in Travel

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