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Name That Season….

Because at 55 degrees, a blue sky and that blazing orange ball in the sky, it sure doens’t seem to be Winter (despite the calendar insisting that today is December 28).

A quick look at the radar screen showed what we assumed to be either a Spring storm or a Fall storm (your pick) heading Northeast of Morgantown. Showing a rare bit of common sense we decided to cache southward. Yay for brains! (and sidekicks who help make these important decisions)

Our first stop of the day on this grand tour was 89SC’s Up On The Farm where sidekick found & logged his 100th cache. This may confuse some of you, since you know that poor sidekick has been drug out into the woods in search of tupperware and ammo cans since way back in early 2005. For him though, it wasn’t the great sucking vortex of geocaching itself that pulled him in, it was the nasty tailwinds of Purple Monkey Dishwasher and I. Someone had to help poor sidekick Engineer keep an eye on us. And that meant that he never had an account and never logged any caches, until maybe a year ago.

At any rate, we had to take a few stops along the short, but STEEP, climb to the top. Good news is because we were caching in Winter (or early Spring, late Fall – your pick again) all we had to deal with were partially dissolved cow patties, which are much easier to contend with than thorns (aka “jagger bushes” in sidekick’s lexicon).

From there we took a lovely tour of the surrounding country side. Taking in the desolate beauty of Tygart Lake at way low tide. I wish, how I wish, that I’d brought the SLR instead of the tiny point and shoot (and partly destroyed) digital. The scenery was amazing and when the wind wasn’t blowing it was downright pleasant. Pleasant enough to sit back and take it all in – after finding the cache.

After squishing through the mud and having quite a growing spurt (I was excited at least), we headed down to Philippi and took in some places of historic importance. That’s cool. We’re both total history geeks and I’m finally starting to appreciate American History (really trying….dudes, it’s not terribly exciting to me). We arrived at the Adaland Mansion Museum only to find ourselves early for a change. So we sauntered around the grounds. It was probably for the best, really. We were both covered in mud and looking much bedragled.

Without a doubt there will be a return trip to enjoy the tour when we aren’t covered in mud and little bits of plant life (and hopefully not cow patties).  So from there we headed into Philippi proper where I tried to mangle myself on a park-n-grab magnetic hide-a-key. How do you nearly pop a hip on one of those? Yeah, don’t ask. You don’t want to know.

More merriment followed until yours truly ran out of steam and the sun started to sink low in the sky. Time to head home.

chris on December 29th 2008 in Geocaching

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