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Night Caching at Mountwood

So last week sidekick and I went out and mapped the trail for our adventure at Mountwood tonight.

We picked up Gentleman-Carpenter at OUCH!!! (yes, as sidekick pointed out, I refer to places by cache names quite a lot) then headed to BW3 in Bridgeport to meet up with the Bumps. And, as it turned out, Aquacache.

Arriving at Mountwood Park we sorted out the car situation and finally rendezvousing with both of AG349 and headed out on the trail…EARLY. Yeah, you read that right. Early, as in ahead of schedule. Unbelievable. Unheard of. Also shocking. Very shocking.

But anyway, we hit the red reflector for #1 with way too much daylight and then realized that…we kind of needed a tiny bit more darkness. Not that we didn’t try. We walked around, using our awesome flashlights to check out all the nearby trees. Gentleman-Carpenter (it turns out) even went in the correct direction but didn’t see anything.

This clearly didn’t concern sidekick much, since he still had data. That makes sidekick a happy camper.

When finally, around 6:23 (that’s about 30 minutes that we’d been hanging out waiting) Aquacache sees a bright eye and notices it happens to be in the direction in which G-C had looked. So of course we immediately begin to blame G-C’s lack of spotting the fire tacks (that’s how this MAGPI thing works you know). Until we noticed some reflective tape and Aquacache said that he’d seen some of that near the trail – you know while we waited 30 minutes because no one saw anything – because he thought it was funky bark. Which of course meant we all then began to blame Aquacache for his lack of focus  (what do you expect from someone with lumpy corneas?).

Eventually the darkness descended and we had an easier time spotting the fire tacks.

We managed, thanks to the hard work of sidekick and yours truly, to stay on trail and even – believe it or not – shave off some time by cutting off a slew of switchbacks.

I feel that at this point in the narrative I should begin to explain that I fell in the creek, not once but several times, we scared up a bear and then got lost. But none of that happened because for once, MAGPI had no mishaps, no poor decisions and everything went better than could have been wished.  I figure that this particular series of night caches will have used up all the good karma I had left.

chris on October 31st 2011 in Geocaching

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