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Hotspur.us » NYE 2009 – Team Kuclick Reassemble

NYE 2009 – Team Kuclick Reassemble

Thanks to Mr. K (aka sidekick engineer) and his Rock Star status, Team Kuclick scored the biggest suite at Bedford Springs Resort for New Year’s Eve 2009. Oh yeah. Just call Chad and I the posse (two does not qualify as entourage sadly).

Sadly we did not live up to the room’s expectations – or rather the expectations we surmised from the previous tenants who managed to get chocolate pudding on the wall and did something that required the paint to be touched up before we were able to move in. That’s not to say we didn’t live like rock stars….we just lived like neat and tidy rock stars. We’re ‘sponsible like that you know.

chris on March 7th 2010 in Geocaching

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