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NYE 2010 – Canadian Style

It started out as a typical Team Kuclick New Years Eve. We went out on a forced march and then ate until we were stuffed. But somehow we didn’t quite work in the long, long nap that usually goes down between too much food and NYE festivities. Which is to say, Team Kuclick was moving pretty slow (and was still pretty stuffed) when we headed out to drink and dinner (yes in that order).

First things first: The caching. We had 3 kids, a sled, a wagon, a dog & four adults (and by adults I mean chronologically we are adults, mentally….I’ll leave that one go). The weather was unseasonably warm (way better than last NYE we were up here when it was wicked cold) so the sled presented some problems – mostly in the form of: it’s hard to pull a sled when the snow as turned to mush or completely disappeared and all you have left is rocks.

After a good long forced march, we headed back to the car where I decided to go after a cache in a tree. (PMD tells me this is pretty common in her part of Canada due to the typically large amounts of snowfall.) I got up all by myself. Back down was another matter all together.

While walking and talking, sidekick brought up the phenomenon of Endless Sushi. Yum. And so with a quick stop at home to de-snow-gear ourselves we headed out for Endless Sushi. Yum. This turned out to be somewhat of a mistake in timing since it was a late (and large) lunch and it left us more or less immobilized.  Totally worth it. You can’t get Endless Sushi at home.

After wallowing for too short of time we changed (yet again) and headed out for dinner.

And finally we managed to arrive at our final destination which sported some of the best people watching I have probably ever encountered. Once we secured our giant puffy sofa and got situated, we spent the night being entertained by an endless parade of …..let’s go with sights. And endless parade of sights. None of which (and you’d thank me for this…trust me) did we capture in photo. There was also a strawberry tree (cursed nemesis of height-challenged chocolate covered strawberry lovers like myself) and profuse amounts of cheese (but I didn’t get photos of those either…seemed a little tacky).

And just like that….it’s 2011.

Which is when we went home and passed out.

chris on February 28th 2011 in Family, Geocaching

to “NYE 2010 – Canadian Style”

  1. Deanna responded on 17 Mar 2011 at 3:26 pm #

    I thought the wonders of Cranada had worn off as this visit didn’t merit a post. Just biding your time, I see.

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