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On the Road to Cave City

Happy Memorial Day! Now break down the tent and get in the car! We’re going to Mammoth Cave National Park! And you know what’s awesome about this particularly National Park? The star attractions are underground and impervious to rain! This is important because it is insanely rainy this week.

After getting the obligatory park stamps, patch, pin and other goodies, Chad and I thought we may as well get a little hike in before checking into our cabin. The sky looked slightly sketchy, but we figured we’d be fine. After all, most of the trail was under tree cover and we were only doing a two-mile loop.

Which is to say, we’re idiots, as usual. Especially since our rain jackets were in the car. About 1/3 of the way into our little stroll, the rain started. Did we stop and turn around? Of course not. It was just a little rain. Until it wasn’t. Until it was a downpour. By the time we made it to the car, we were soaked. If you sense a theme, you are right!

Our little cabin at Rock Cave Cabins is adorable. It’s just the right side and is adorably 1920’s sweet (although very recently renovated).



chris on May 28th 2018 in Travel

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