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Out Rt. 50 a Piece

It was one of those weekends. One where I knew I wanted to cache but I couldn’t come up with a plan. Which is when it makes me glad to know pbump. Because that man, he always has a plan. He has a plan, a map, a route, a list and he never forgets that we like to eat.  Which is how on this particular Saturday Gentleman-Carpenter, loyal sidekick and I found ourselves in Salem rendezvousing with the Bumps.

Our plan (at least as far as I knew)  was to run out Rt. 50 cleaning up some of the NFL caches (no, not football, but rather Numbers For Lenny) hit some others that sounded neat, make our way to Elizabeth to do the Elizabeth Trifecta (more on that later) and basically blow the stink off. The snow had melted (for real this time) and since we were headed West I felt pretty comfortable that I would not be falling in any snow concealed holes today.

With pbump in charge and in the lead, we started out. Now usually I can take or leave a bunch of park & grabs, but several of these took us to some interesting out of the way places (trust me, when I say out of the way I  mean it) and it was a good day to take a drive in the country.

We saw a clump of very happy cows hanging out and doing some sunbathing. Which really really made me wish that Spring would hurry the heck up and show up. The air definitely had a Spring-like quality to it.  From the cows we wound our way here and there I just followed mostly, it is so much easier that way, and found ourselves at Pine Twist Farm. The view was incredible. So incredible that I just gave up trying to get a photo and enjoyed  it. The sun was out and the breeze was gentle. If that wasn’t a harbinger of beautiful Spring days to come, I don’t know what is!   We were pleasantly surprised to see that the cacher who was raised here happened to be known to us back in our neck of the woods.

I did at least snap a picture of the garden gate. So I was not entirely remiss in my duties as trip photographer.

Which brings me (after a short hiatus for lunch at a local Subway where the friendliest person was behind the counter and we had the most delicious cookies – cranberry white chocolate? GET OUT!) to the Elizabeth Trifecta.

Some time ago sidekick and I went out with Aquacache to christen my little black jeep. On our journey we ran across a Zombie Orthodox Church. We all figured (perhaps naively) that said church must be a local phenomenon.

Well, I am here to tell you that is not so. Even though this church is labeled “Church of Christ”, I’m pretty sure it is Zombie Orthodox. But since it was broad daylight and there were several of us (I could outrun at least 2 I figured, so i was safe) we did a little exploring.

Yeah. Zombie Orthodox.


chris on February 28th 2011 in Geocaching

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