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Panther Run Cheaters

3_Dogs had made a brilliant & timely observation last weekend that the Forest Roads in the Mon National Forest would be open until the end of the month – and that with the gates open we could make wvhunter’s Panther Run a park & grab. Loverly!

Unfortunately loyal sidekick was still suffering from The Crud (bronchitis or pneumonia…your choice) and so opted to stay home and not infect the rest of us.  Our motley crew of 3_Dogs, Gentleman-Carpenter, Aquacache & I planned first to tackle Panther Run and then head on over to 89SC’s newest master piece Big Run Waterfall Cache.

Basically the day went like this:

Jeep, jeep, jeep, jeep.

Didn’t we just pass the cache?

Jeep, jeep, jeep.

“Let’s place a cache.”

Jeep, jeep, jeep.

“Woohoo! We found a cache.”

Jeep, jeep, jeep.

Crap, footprints.

Walk. Balk. Stand. Hop, hop, hop.

“Those guys are idiots.”

Wait. Wait. Wait.

“Did ya find it? Oh good, they found it.”

Jeep, jeep, jeep.

Coke ovens!





Home again, home again, lickity split.

And now…enjoy our fine photos.

chris on March 5th 2012 in Geocaching

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