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Ping is Ping

Ping is a world traveler. If I’ve been there, he’s been along for the ride. [DISCLAIMER: Ping missed Scotland. It was tragic. We have to go back, he and I.] And much like me, Ping enjoys a good hike in the woods, pint of brew and taking in the sights. We’ve got a lot in common, this little penguin and me. He’s been following me around almost as long as I’ve been alive.  


For the longest time he was happy to hang out with me and stay out of the lime light. I’m kind of thinking this must have been some arrangement with my family. He could come along for free, but he had to hang back and stay out of the pictures – his elegant formal wear was dingy from constant wear and sometimes his eyes looked a little off.  That’s what happens when you travel with a kid who drools all over you when asleep and refuses to let her mom toss you in the wash.

This tradition of staying in the background continued on for a long while, until Ping and I (accompanied by Chad) went to Rome. At first Ping spent many of his days sitting in our lovely room, looking out the window at the city wall. It was Spring and the City was beautiful. Guilt hit me. So I overcame my fear that Ping would fall victim to a pickpocket or gypsy and took him out to see what all the fuss was about. [Seriously, before we left people were constantly warning me to watch the gypsies and the guys who pinch your butt on the train. What?] 

And thus began Ping’s Grand Tour.  It’s slow going, but we’ve knocked out a few countries along the years, starting with Italy in the spring of 2002. Over the years Ping’s taken in Spain, England (although not Scotland which was a separate trip), Canada, Mexico and The Netherlands.

He’s hiked the Grand Canyon (well, perhaps not the best description as he doesn’t really have feet and I carried him all the way down and all the way back up). He’s sat on the WV Supreme Court and gone to see The Tossers play in Chicago (he was the only penguin there, by the way). In an unusual twist, he showed his computer-geek side by enjoying an adventure to Fry’s Electronics with Chad.

Lately though Ping’s been accompanying us on little weekend jaunts around the state. He’s always happy to go geocaching with me. Although I’m not quite sure how fair it is that he gets to be carried all those miles. Especially when we went after Tater Knob…. Sometimes he just sits in the car and hangs out with me as I spend hours and hours on the road going nowhere very exciting.

Ping’s new mission is to get me to take him back to all those places he’s all ready seen, but has never had his photo taken in. It’s going to be a large, large task. He and I have seen an awful lot of the continental United States.

chris on December 11th 2008 in Family

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