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Pony Time

After almost a month I made it back out to the barn to see Villain. He was delighted to see me, but only I suspect because I had an apple and he really wanted to come in. Oh I so can not wait for a nice warm sunny day to wash some of the stink off that horse. And trust me, it is some serious stink. It may well be June before I get the stink off him. Whew.

Of course Villain wasn’t the only one who was looking for some attention (and apples perhaps). Sammy the Percheron is too adorable. And really fuzzy too. (Also stinky.)

My attempt at taking a pic of Villain & me together didn’t go quite so well because he was wanting scratches, not photos. He is usually such a ham.

I was amazed how much snow was still in the paddock since the rest of the world was well on its way to melting and turning to mud. Guess a little elevation change will do that.

chris on March 14th 2010 in Animals

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